Integrate JBoss into Nagios monitoring through a small Collector MBean and a perl based Nagios plugin. Lets you read and monitor JMX values from JBoss servers very efficiently. On the Nagios server no JDK or JBoss installation is needed.

schematic overview


with JBoss:

  1. Copy the collector.sar (from the mbean/ directory) to your JBoss deploy directory. Port 5566 is then open for the plugin to access it.

with Tomcat or anything else:

  1. Put the collector.sar somewhere in the file system and add -javaagent:/path/to/collector.sar to the options of the JVM you want to monitor.

Nagios server:

  1. Copy the plugin check_mbean_collector (from the plugin/ directory) to the Nagios plugin directory on the Nagios server.
  2. Edit your Nagios config to use the check_mbean_collector to monitor any attributes of any MBean.

You might check that the plugin and the MBean is working properly by doing a test run on the Nagios server:

./check_mbean_collector -H jbossserver -p 5566 -m jboss.system:type=ServerInfo -a ActiveThreadCount -w 200 -c 400

Please note that you need the nagios-plugins package installed and of course replace "jbossserver" above with you server name.

Plugin usage:

Retrieve some MBean attribute value from a JBoss server through the collector MBean:
  check_mbean_collector -H host -p port -m mbean_name -a attribute_name -w warning_level -c critical_level
 check_mbean_collector -H host[,host,..] -p port -m mbean-name -a attribute-name -w warning-level -c critical-level
 check_mbean_collector [-h | --help]
 check_mbean_collector [-V | --version]

  <host>           The server running JBoss.
                   Giving a comma separated list of hosts switches to a check for a singleton in a cluster.
  <port>           The port the deployed collector MBean is listening to
  <mbean_name>     The JMX name of the MBean that includes the attribute, e.g. jboss.system:type=ServerInfo
                   Use the ${some.env} notation to refer to a JVM system property on the server.
                   In Nagios config files this must be escaped like this: $$\\{some.env}
                   If there's a space in the MBean name use a + instead of the space.
  <attribute_name> The name of the MBean attribute to retrieve, e.g. ActiveThreadCount
                   For attributes which are collections the number of entries can be checked by
                   appending [] to the attribute name.
                   Prefix the attribute name with a * to get the difference between two calls (delta).
                   ${some.env} can be used (see mbean_name).
  <warning_level>  The level as a number from which on the WARNING status should be set
  <critical_level> The level as a number from which on the CRITICAL status should be set
                   If you are checking an attribute that is not a Number the specified text will raise the
                   specific level if it can be found in the textual representation of the attribute
                   For specifying ranges or 'less than' triggers use the Nagios range notation
                   (see http://nagiosplug.sourceforge.net/developer-guidelines.html#THRESHOLDFORMAT)


Documentation and download.

SourceForge Project

The project is hosted on SoruceForge and has it's own project homepage.

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We provide professional support and consulting services for Java related administration topics including this plugin.

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